Online Naagrik

Game Design . Live Project

Still in progress

It was truly an honor to work with Mr. Abeer Kapoor and his team at Civic Games Lab and SMART (Seeking Modern Applications for Real Transformation) on this Card Game. My role was to create the Visual Design for their game, starting from illustrations to packaging.


Do you think you know everything about the internet? Or are you still stuck on the first page of the search engine? Or sometimes you understand it while other times you don't? What if we tell you that you can learn about various internet components-- from starting up an online store to create a successful #movement to assess data breach….all in one game?


Online Naagrik is an interactive card game that opens up new and exciting avenues of using the digital space to its full potential. The game gives an opportunity to players to solve real-life challenges using the internet and get equipped with the nuances of the space in a fun and competitive manner. Leave your actual devices and enter this simulation to learn more about the digital space in a safe and secured manner (trust us we collect no personal data!!)


The project is currently in its final stages in terms of design and production. 

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